Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Stuff I Loved :: August Edition

You may remember the Stuff I Loved posts from over here. I love compiling them so I shall bring them over here to my new space.

Play along if you like

:: Current William ::
Motherhood surprises me every single day. Arrogant to say, but I thought I had it all figured out, I thought I 'got it' but let me tell you it surprises me in the most beautiful way. I am SO bloody lucky to have William and Olivia as my children. I am even luckier to have Kdog as my husband, and father two these two beautiful little souls.
William evolves with every morning. I swear he does. I look back on previous posts and realise just how much he has grown.
In the mornings he will wake with excitement and love, he will gently go over to his sisters cot and take her face in his hands and kiss her cheek. He will run into our room with so much excitement and joy, leap into bed and smother us in hugs and kisses. This is the greatest feeling in the world. 
We have been seeing a new speechy for a couple of months now and she is brilliant. William's confidence has trebled. He is attempting words that he would shy away from only a few months ago. He can read. He can sing. He can write letters. This was the greatest gift I could hope for. Whilst he still does not really speak, the foundations are being laid, and I am so excited about the future. 

:: Current Olivia ::
This kid has no fear, none at all. She is beautiful and smart and gentle, an old soul. Cheeky as anything, she runs and squeals, plays with her big brother all the time. Preferring to use her left hand most of the time, she is not very patient, especially when it comes to food. She can climb up onto the trampoline all by her self, zipping up the netting as she enters. She loves to cuddle and kiss. She LOVES her Ikea Puppy dog, "oooff oooff" goes everywhere. She still wakes up most nights just wanting to be cuddled, more often than not one of us end up sleeping with her on the lounge room floor (she is a very active sleeper - she likes to thrash and roll hence why we opt for floor over bed!). Copying her brother is her favourite game, especially when it comes to drawing on walls - Will has not done this for many months but the fact that she observed and copied this at such an early age amazes me. She smells delicious and I am so bloody grateful to have this fine little lady as my own.

:: Current Music ::
Breezeblocks - Alt J
Love This - Cosmo Jarvis
Lost - Frank Ocean
Melody Emergency - Gossip
Sorry - Gypsy and the Cat
Passerby - Grinspoon
My Heart Is On Fire - Asta
Escape - Asta
Le Goudron - YACHT
Still Sound - Toro Y Moi
Elephant - Tame Impala
Gasoline - Alpine
Cherokee - Cat Power
Born At The Right Time - Dappled Cities
Boy - Emma Louise
Spectrum (Calvin Harris Mix) - Florence and the Machiene
When We Were Kids - Hunter
Jasmine - Jai Paul
The House That Heaven Built - Japandroids
Yeah Go Die - Kingswood
Get Free - Major Lazer
Youth In Trouble - The Presets

Sun - Cat Power
Channel Orange - Frank Ocean
A Is For Alpine - Alpine
A Joyful Noise - Gossip
Lake Air - Dappled Cities
Thinking In Textures - Chet Faker
Belladonna - Stevie Nicks

:: Current Books ::
The Power is Within You - Louise L Hay
Kinfolk Magazine
Dancing In The Light - Shirley Maclaine

:: Current TV/Films ::
Keeping Up With The Kardashians
Downton Abbey
Q & A
True Blood
George Harrison: Living In A Material World

:: Current Food ::

:: Current Drink ::
Soy FW's
Soy Chai goodness
Fresh juices - carrot, apple, pineapple, ginger, celery, beetroot
Melbourne Breakfast Tea
Hills Apple Cider

:: Current Colour ::
Baby Blue

Any colour - I am loving a lot going on at once!!

:: Current Non-Mummy Activites ::
Quiz nights and dinners with the gals
Random girls nights at our place
Morning coffee's and chats with Binksy and Ness
Dinners with Bridgy crew
Getting a bit drunk at The Exeter with the gals
Sunrise walks with beautiful tunes
Induldging in a midday siesta
Coffee dates with myself

:: Current Triumphs ::
There are so so many triumphs at the moment but the first one that comes to mind is this.


  1. I love you... More than soy flat whites and muffins x Binks

  2. I love these posts of yours. How exciting to feel the confidence of Will grow with every day. Your darlings are lucky to have you. I must get some more music happening. I fear I'm stuck back in the last decade!! X


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