Thursday, September 6, 2012

Brothers and Sisters

I always wanted to have a sibling, a brother especially. When I was five I had a doll I named Tommy. He was a boy doll and had all the bits! I loved him like he was really my own. I changed his nappy and dressed him in real baby clothes. He would have a high chair when we would have dinner at the pub, he even got a baby capsule in the car. I had pretty awesome parents, often making Dad take the baby capsule into the supermarket. you should have seen the looks he got when the eager old ladies would come up to him to gush over the 'baby'. 

I am beyond chuffed that my gal has a brother. I am already starting to witness that protectiveness and deep love that they share. Will is learning to be a patient brother, slowly but surely.

We had old friends over yesterday for a catch up and a play date. Will and Sage are only a few months apart in age, they have grown up with their Mama's and Aunt's having baby club, birthdays and nattering about work. Their early days were spent at a special cafe every Thursday morning where we would gather and talk about life. 'Baby Club' was created by a special group of five gals. We all used to work together at OMC. Some of us moved interstate and overseas but we all eventually settled back in our home town with our babes. 

Gosh, without these weekly gatherings I know I would have been lost in the epic sea that is motherhood. Aunt Gabby, Aunt Ness and Aunt Elena would all take turns in cuddling, kissing and walking with our sometimes grizzly, sometimes happy babes whilst Rosie and I could sip a coffee and catch our breath and look at each other with that understanding gaze. These gals will always be my sisters - I don't think distance or time could break that. I may not of had a brother but I know I have an amazing network of amazing 'brothers' and 'sisters'

It is truly beautiful to see our babes growing and playing together. It was also extra special to meet the latest member of 'Baby Club' - four week old Yarrow. He is beyond gorgeous. Unfortunately, Kdog said a definite NO to anymore babies. Le sigh!

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  1. Beautiful. I am most envious of your 'baby club'! I suggested having another baby to my hubs the other day and he said not with him! xx


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