Monday, September 3, 2012

Spring Weekend

We had a pretty quiet weekend. I wasn't a particularly chipper wife for the better part however, I made an effort to shake of the 'blue moon blues' and be pleasant.

We soaked up the sun and lazed about on the lawn. The kiddo's ran around the yard bare bottomed and free. We sipped delicious home made coffees and gazed over the weekend papers. We listened to The Beatles and The Byrds. We talked, we planned, we bickered, we loved.

We had a beautiful Fathers day with my dad and his partner and topped it off with long chats and brinner (breakfast for dinner) with the gals.

I am slowly learning to do absolutely nothing and actually enjoy the simplicity, it is hard.



  1. gah! the last shot!! and liv's shirley temple ringlets :) I agree, it is hard to do nothing, but sometimes it's all we really need. loving the new space, lovely x


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