Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Show Day

: Sunshine
: Cool breeze
: Pre-Show excitement tantrums
: Thongs and sandals
: Shorts and T-Shirts
: Salty hot chips
: Overpriced Diet Coke
: Fairy Floss
: Hot Dogs with extra sauce
: Sheep
: Horses
: Showbags
: Babies throwing tantrums
: Said baby throwing self on ground whilst having said tantrum
: Mother cursing at father every time he ignores her and proceeds further and further through the   crowds
: Mother also cursing the fact that she packed way too much crap
: Oversized tractors
: Bubbles
: Wonder and amazement in the littluns eyes
: Naps in the pram while walking home
: Frazzled parents numbing said frazzledness with Bertie Beetles and extra strong coffee's
: Incredibly sore feet


  1. everything show day should be :) my fave is the sheep shot. baaa baaa x

  2. Look at her pout in that last photo! Love it!


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