Monday, September 10, 2012

Saturdays Past

Saturday morning the littlest and I dressed early and headed out on a girls only adventure.
We were heading west, to the ocean, back to our roots, back to my past, back to a place so familiar it feels like home.

I have a wonderful little family, we don't see each other as much as we would like but when we get together it is like no time has passed, none at all. Alex and Jess are my blood and I love them like they are my own sisters. Our mothers are sisters and being with them is like being with her. I love it. I can see Mum's mannerisms and sparkly eyes in them all. We talk about everything under the sun, we tell the same 'Thompson' jokes, we all drink soy in our coffee, we like to sneak episodes of the Kardashians and love reading a good trashy mag, Who Weekly is the poison of choice.

It was really something special to take my own daughter into the home of these beautiful strong women. A home I spent a lot of time in as a child, so many memories in those walls. I sat back and took it all in when Liv was trotting around the living room, wow look how far we have all come. We are here in this moment.


  1. We are the sickest family.
    Lets have a Barbie this summer. Bring the kids down to the beach for a good dose of cats and vitamin D. Plus we can watch lots of trashy tv.

  2. I held my breath reading this, so special. x


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