Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Stuff I Loved :: September Edition

:: Current William ::
Willow is coming leaps and bounds, especially with his talking. Last week we learnt that his speech delay actually had a name - Verbal Dyspraxia. I cannot tell you how overwhelmed with relief I am that this issue actually has a name and a reason, and that it is NOT my fault. He is using words, slowly but surely, and communicating reasonably well. He will still chuck a wobbly at any moment but that is easing in its severity, and they are only lasting a moment or two. He has also started toilet training on his own. We started the process over a year ago but he wasn't ready, and we weren't ready. Now he will only wear a nappy at night...so far so good!

:: Current Olivia ::
Eagerness and self belief has only increased with this little lady. She loves to occupy herself outside, playing, building and destroying. She will draw all over the walls, she will copy her brother all the time. She will groove all day long, and will actually get upset if she cannot get out of her highchair and dance. Fruit and bananas are her favourite food - her favourite place to be is bench next to the fruit bowl. She loves to sing and knows exactly what to do to get her parents attention. Mum, Dad, Puddie, Na-na, no, nigh-nigh, ta-ta are her favourite words. Her hair is longer and wilder and she walks with a little bit of a strut.

:: Current Triumphs ::
I seem to have been doing a lot of triumphing, if that is even a word. I do not notice these triumphs, I am reminded by the people around me. I seem so focussed on what I am doing, I feel that I have let a lot of things go. For example; my friendships, my relationships and my physical health.

On the flip side, the positives in my life right now are all about helping me and my physical wellbeing. I have finally finished at the dentist - this has been a big thing for me. Basically my teeth went downhill after I had Olivia. When I was a littlun I developed an autoimmune disorder which affects my general health but also mucus membranes and saliva production, hence the decay. After many many hours in the chair, I can happily say I have healthy and happy teeth!

Another triumph for me is joining the gym. As someone who always had an excuse to get out of PE at school, I am pretty proud of myself for joining the gym and actually going. I really love it, I do not know why it took me so many years. It helps that my bestie and I are doing it together, she is a really great motivator, plus its a bit of social time too.

:: Current Music ::
Tessellate - Alt J
Hands - Alpine
Clique - Kanye West
Mercy - Kanye West
Cherokee - Cat Power
Sorry - Gypsy and The Cat
I Love It - Icona Pop
Promises - The Presets
It's Cool - The Presets
Dark Days - Parkway Drive
Bless This Mess - Lisa Mitchell
Star Crossed Citizens - Something For Kate
Survival Expert - Something For Kate
Little Talks - Of Monsters and Men
Trembling Hands - Temper Trap
Sleepless - Flume
September - St Lucia
Sweet Nothing - Calvin Harris

The Very Best of Franki Valli and The Four Seasons
Pacifica - The Presets
Leave Your Soul To Science
Greatest Hits - Spice Girls
Pocket Full of Dreams - Diafrix
Black Rabbits- Grinspoon
Sun - Cat Power
Tango In The Night - Fleetwood Mac

:: Current Food ::
Rocket (still)
Baby Spinach
Red Onions
Persian Love Cake (recipe to come)

:: Current Drinks ::
....and repeat

:: Current Non-Mummy Activities ::
Gym time
Photo Time
(That is all, with the exception of the odd night here or there.)

::Current Films/TV::
Downton Abbey
Home & Away
Australian Story
My television viewing time has all but gone. I appear to be watching a lot more trash...oh dear.

Men In Black 1, 2 & 3 - I am not really a fan of these sorts of movies but I promised Kdog that I would watch them with him, and I hate to say it, I actually enjoyed them.

:: Current Books ::
Total Recall - Arnold Schwarzenegger
Happier At Home - Gretchen Rubin
My Kitchen, The Collection - Pete Evans


  1. Oh I so enjoy reading these posts! I just started going to the gym too, after all these years and I feel so much better for it! Love your play list! xx

  2. I too enjoy reading these! How funny will these be to look back on in the years to come - the kids will think so anyway...

    I consider 'Sweet Nothing' a personal favourite and find myself jumping on the bed to it ;)


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