Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday, Schmiday.

Good morning (or what is left of it),

Hurrah it is Friday. My very favourite day of the week. How are you and what are your plans for this fine day? Well, it appears that my mojo has all but gone - I think it left the building before I even got our of bed.

After a restless night of cray-cray Kardashian clan and Kanye West dreams, I awoke to the blazing sun feeling very sore and all stuffy in the head. The gym totally broke my balls yesterday, not that I worked that hard at all but I feel like I am stuck in the body of a 95 year old woman today. I had to rush off to Centrelink to finalise an annoying claim that has been dragging on for months (you know the sort that I mean). As I waited in the horrendously decorated pea soup sweqy green waiting room, my fuzzy head almost had me snoring in the uncomfortable micro-fibre clad chairs. A lovely lady ushered me over and informed me that a substantial amount (by centreline definition) of money was owed to us and will deposited in our account immediately HURRAH!!! Since Kdog finished work a few months ago, we have been surviving on our savings, which are slowly but surely decreasing.

Positive numero uno.
I popped over to the local shopping centre for what I thought would be a super quick in and out trip. Alas, it was not and I decided that it would be an awesome idea to go and try on clothes that I know would not look as awesome as I had visualised. You see, in my mind I am a baben' fox with the body of a goddess however, the mirror said otherwise.

Negative numero uno.

I got home to three frazzled beings. A snotty nearly four year old who cracks the shits if you look at him the wrong way. An uber emo and clingy nearly two year old (with a fat lip mind you) and a darling husband that was chomping at the bit to escape for a day man relaxation in the countryside.

So here I am, bulgy stuffy eyes, propped up at the kitchen bench with a cold coffee in hand, inhaling jam on toast. I am determined to not let these babies break my balls (even further).

Have a beautiful day friends. The one thing getting me through this day is a lovely eve with some gorgeous gals, eating and drinking the night away.

What are your plans this weekend?

ps. Kdog decided to take my camera with him on his little man escape - hence the crappy phone shots!! jeeeeeeeze


  1. Hope the day improves and you feel better hun, have fun tonight!! xx

  2. Oh no, Amelia. I hate days like this, especially when they feel like they've lasted for weeks, months and, I swear, years!!! Hope you have a wonderful night tonight with your gal pals. You never know - you might come home to a late night Dad (Kdog) Triple Decker Toasted Sandwich xxxx

  3. Amelia - you and I have never met in person. I don't know if we ever will. But i have been reading your posts and following your photo updates on instagram (don't worry - we have mutual friends in Adelaide town, I'm not that far removed) and I am constantly inspired by your honesty. You share all these beautiful, frustrating, incredible moments that can happen in life and I feel as if I know you. I feel like I know your family. I feel as if I have spent time drinking coffee and talking about Stevie Nicks.

    I just want to say thank you. Embrace all.

    Meredith x


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