Saturday, April 6, 2013

Gratitude 2.0

Sometimes it's nice to throw a little gratitude in the mix, don't you agree?

There has been a lot to be super grateful for of late. There have been a lot of stand out moments for me, and for those around me, that have made me stop (literally in my tracks) at look at what I have, and just be so thankful that everyone is okay and healthy. Life is good.

First cab off the rank - Kdog. This guy, he just gets me and he gets it. He's just a good egg. I'll throw the kids under the 'Kdog header' too. Whilst often they shit me to tears, these past couple of weeks, things have seemed to chill a bit. They are mates, not enemies. They have little chats and it swells my heart with pride and joy. They are so much more independent, where have those needy babies gone?

Second - my girlfriends. God I love these women, more than I can actually put into words. They know who they are. I love them because they make me a better me, they make me a better mother. Why? Because they take me away from my children for a while, they make me stop and focus on myself. They tell me that I've 'still got it', that I am still an interesting person even though my life is consumed with tiny people. HAHA thank goodness!! Some of these amazing women have hit some rough patches of late, some personal crisis, some crossroads. Decisions have had to be made, tears have been wiped away and plenty of chocolate has been shared. I am so bloody grateful that these women are still able to come to me, even after all the years, kilometres and changes, we still find ourselves connecting with each other. When I stop and look at these women, as individuals, I am in awe of the people they are, you know deep inside, and the lives they have created for themselves. Power women indeed. I sometimes have visions of us all, old cat ladies, living in a big mansion by the sea - did you ever see the Practical Magic movie? It was pretty bad however, I loved it because Stevie Nicks was on the soundtrack. Anyway, there were these two aunts (witches) who lived in this old crazy mansion over looking the ocean. They would have Margarita and brownie parties at midnight, in their nighties...awesome. I can totally see us doing that one day gals. 

Last, but not least - the bloggers. You guys, you make my heart sing. When I googled 'mother bloggers' way back in 2009, I would never have predicted the impact they would have had on my life. It's funny you know, I was always privately critical of those who befriended people online, like there was something a bit strange about it. Then I had babies, man was I wrong. To have that friendship, so accessible, just there at your fingertips. Women who get it, who know the mother struggle. It's mind-blowing. I love these women with every bit of my heart. The first time I met ol' Beverly I nearly weed my pants with excitement. Beth's blog was the first one I stumbled upon. I love her honesty and her bloody humour, she is the bees knees.  I look to her for advice in so many aspects of my life; style, home decor, motherhood, and spirit. When I found Beth, I found a flock of others. I read their blogs and they lift my soul, they make a gloomy day a whole lot brighter - SamJody, BiancaRuth, Amelia, Cat and Jodi - these women are my soul sisters. I am blessed to have them in my life. Thank you ladies. Then there are my photo taking blogger mums, LouTahnee, and Belinda. I look at their photos and it motivates me to be a better me, a better photographer. I love these ladies because they have made their passion their reality, my passion too.

Woah, SO much love. (It's a bit sickening, I know)!


  1. You gorgeous girl. You're such an amazingly talented creature. I'm so grateful our paths crossed and can't wait to one day give you a big real life hug. xxxx
    ps. Um, when did little Livi's hair grow so much! Such a cutie pie. Both of them are. xx

  2. you really are something, girl. these photos are BEAUTIFUL. the one of liv in b+w crouched down with her bucket of goodies, looking up.. PERFECTION. I can't believe you put me in the same sentence as lou and belinda - lou is a GIGANTIC inspiration to me, what a thrill. it could have been me writing those things about you, because you know you are on my go-to list of damn fine photographers. and my list is pretty short. thanks for love, and when we meet - we WILL meet - I'll be giving you a mighty big squeeze xxx

  3. Your are the sweetest! Thank you. I am extremely touched. I cannot wait to meet you next weekend beautiful girl.
    I think your photos are spectacular. You too inspire me. x

  4. These pictures are beautiful Lovely! Wish I could be half as good as photographer as you! x


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