Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Reshuffle

The New Year reshuffle has kicked in. Finally. 

You know what I mean, reshuffle? That thing within you that switches when you know it's time to make changes. We all long for that switch to flip organically, and mine has taken its time to activate. BC (before children) my reshuffle switch seemed to flip so easily, I didn't really have a lot of people or things to consider when I was making changes, just me, myself and I. It was great to reshuffle and reactivate my mind, my body and my soul whenever I wanted to. These days, I do have to consider the others around me, I suppose.

I have had to learn how to take those little moments for myself to activate my own reshuffle. Asking for help. Saying no. Pushing my inner self, even when it is fighting me the whole way. 

So far, so good. 

How do you reactivate or start your reshuffle?



  1. Mine seems to fight me too. I get enthused to and then resistance appears. I have to push myself. I'm loving the light leaks, is that hard to do? Xxx

  2. I always wait till February. I just let January happen - it's always such a busy time of year, I just let it roll on and quietly stew on what I want to change, then make it happen come February one. Less pressure. It has worked the past few years, so hoping 2013 goes well! For you too... xx


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