Sunday, January 27, 2013


We ventured to our local beach to soak up some sun and sand. The weather was incredible and the ocean put on a real show for us.

This week my babies have grown. I can see it in their eyes and in their hearts. The are fearless and free. The run at full steam into everything and I adore them more with every waking moment (how is this even possible?)

William is running into boyhood, I guess turning 4 in a couple of weeks can do that to a young one. I hold him that little bit tighter every morning and every night, savouring those last few moments of infancy and toddlerhood that I can still see within him.

Olivia is copying everything her brother does, hence also growing at a rate of knots. She bounds around without a care in the world. Dusts herself off if she falls. This kid truly is fearless.

Following along with the gorgeous Jodi over at Che and Fidel and her 52 A Portrait A Week project.


  1. I want to just smooch her face. Beautiful photos as usual.
    To be fearless and free. x

  2. beautiful snapshots of their little lives

  3. Your first shot is so glorious. I just want to get onto that beach and run along side him. x

  4. I love your pictures, they are amazing.

  5. beautiful!! Makes me want to go running on the beach too.

  6. Your photos are breathtakingly beautiful. I love the tousled hair in the second picture too.


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