Monday, December 10, 2012

Stuff I Loved :: The November Edition

I cannot believe I have only blogged THREE times since the last 'Stuff I Loved'!!!!

Let's do this....

:: Current William ::
As the year starts to draw to a close, I look to my eldest with such joy and pride. This boy has had a massive year, he has grown physically, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually. Learning talk comes easily to most, but for Will it has been a struggle. This year we received the diagnosis, we learnt how to teach Will the fundamentals, we learnt how to communicate, we learnt how to understand each other without the tears and the frustrations. I am blown away each and everyday when I see the magnificent little human we've created. I am so humbled and grateful that he chose us to be his parents.

:: Current Olivia ::
When I learnt that I was having a little girl, all those moons ago, I wondered what sort of person she would be, what sort of girl she would be. Would she be bold and outgoing, or quiet and dainty? Would she have curly or straight hair? I couldn't have predicted the beautiful and crazy little jelly bean that is mine, all mine. Liv has grown so much in just a few short months. She has lost her little chubby baby legs and arms, her hair has changed from dark to blonde. She chats...all..the..time. Puppy and Jemima are her best buds. She loves food, every food, except pumpkin (wtf??). She is bolder than bold, nothing is too difficult for her - dancing on tables, climbing up trees, dangling from great heights, pushing her big brother around, barefoot through the prickles - no biggie. This gal, she is all guts, I hope she mellows a little as a teenager but I am not expecting miracles - trouble is her middle name.

:: Current Music ::
Radiohead - All Albums
Making Mirrors - Gotye
Flume - Flume
Ball Park Music - Museum
Calvin Harris - 18 Months
Gypsy & The Cat - The Late Blue
Mumford and Sons - Babel

:: Current Books ::
The Return Of The Naked Chef - Jamie Oliver
Cloudstreet - Tim Winton
15 Minute Meals - Jamie Oliver

:: Current Films/TV ::
Clinton (SBS)
Law and Order re-runs
Romancing The Stone
The Jewel of The Nile

:: Current Food ::

Roast Pumpkin
Lemon Melting Moments
Baked Beans

:: Current Drink ::
Earl Grey tea from T2
Iced Mocha's 

:: Current Triumphs ::
Hitting rock bottom emotionally and dusting myself off. Learning to be positive and appreciate what you have, more than I ever have before. Recognising the things I struggle with and attempting to change them for the better. Being a better me.

:: Current Non-Mummy Activities ::
Lunches and dinners with those I love. Gigs. Peaceful moments sipping coffee in the sunshine.


  1. Oh Amelia - so glad you commented on my blog and I came to explore your space. There's just something about the top photo - I love love love love it. The colours, the crispness, the rose against the wire fence, that hilarious expression! Do you photoshop (or otherwise) your images? They are beautiful x
    ps. We had the keralan veggie curry from Jamie's 15 tonight - was such a goodie ;)

  2. These photos are lovely. Kellie xx


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