Thursday, November 1, 2012

A Be Loverly Birthday

I have been a follower and fan of Cat's blog since the very beginning of my blogging journey. Her blog was one of the very first I stumbled upon. Our babes are around the same age, I remember being pregnant at the same time together with our second's. 

Cat's love of craft and food inspire me everyday. Her Pumpkin Whoopie Pies will actually knock you off your feet, they are that good. This lady has a heart of gold and I am honoured to now call her a friend.

I headed along to Little Lion's first birthday party a couple of weeks ago. The day was magic, as was the weather. I actually managed to encounter my first hiccup as a photographer, I am still kicking myself over it. Loosing a card of images is never a pleasant experience, but when it was something you had pinned so many expectations of yourself upon, it makes it a little bit worse. 

Never mind, shit happens! I am so lucky to have captured the images that I did, those beautiful boys of hers, well they just light up every single frame.


  1. Seriously beautiful photos taken of a seriously beautiful family.
    What a perfect day. xx

  2. It was an honour to have you taking photographs of L's special day and I count myself lucky to have you as a friend beautiful. I adore the photos of course and can't thank you enough! xxx

  3. love every single moment captured! My most favourite is Cat looking at her grandma, just gorgeous.
    Beautiful Amelia!


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