Friday, March 22, 2013


Hola peeps!

Life is crazy sometimes, isnt it?

Gosh I feel like the last month or so has been one ginormous ferris wheel ride.
Life. Motherhood. Family. Business. Stresses. Happiness. The whole kit and caboodle seems to have taken over my life these past six weeks or so.

I stopped and thought about my special space over here and how I have neglegted it so much since the beginning of this year. Gone are the 'Stuff I am Loving' posts, gone are the weekly portraits of my children, gone are the honest outpourings from my heart, my thought and feelings. This is such an important place for me to go to, no wonder i'm all jumbled. I have had no time to go and offload and make sense of whats going on.

So what has been happening, you say?!

Well i've been doing lots of business things over here. I've been chasing after my two little gremlins like a mad woman. Also trying to get our home and lives into some kind of structure and routine. This has been the biggest challenge of all. Organising Will for preschool, organising Olivia into some kind of childcare. Just a lot of ORGANISING!

Anyhoo, I hear someone squawking, I must dash.

Keep your eyes peeled for plenty of posts - i'm back baby!

Much love


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