Friday, August 31, 2012


Oh hello there,

You may remember me from such blogs as Mama Muesli Bar and Amelia O'Connor Photography.

Over the recent weeks, I have been brainstorming and planning exciting new things for my little online world - privately and professionally.

Step one was to create a new blog.
Mama Muesli Bar was my very first blog. Whilst it is a jumbled mess, it is still in existence. I will slowly but surely sort out all of my existing posts over there and transfer them to their new little home over here. It is time for a change - it is time for the baby to fly from the nest.

So what do I plan for this space?
Sweet FA. I plan for it to take its time and grow organically, at its own pace. I needed a place to go and talk motherhood, talk design, talk photography, talk life, talk cooking......basically, to just TALK. One thing I do plan to do is attempt to blog daily. I realised these past couple of months that I really really need to blog - for my own wellbeing.

Hope you enjoy the ride as much as I do.

Big love,




  1. oh hai there you!
    i like talking too.

  2. Yays! I look forward to hearing what you say. I like to talk & to listen in equal measure x


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